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Edwin Deen

EDWIN DEEN (° 1980 Linschoten, NL) lives and works in Belgium, besides his Tai chi practice he is active as a visual artist and performer and also leads Socratic dialogues.
In 2008 Edwin Deen started with Taiji Wuxigong in Amsterdam, he switched to the Yang style of l’Art du Chi in 2009 and followed the teachings of, among others, Michèle Stévanovitch, head of the ’international center’ in Aubard (FR) and Christian Michel in Baisy-Thy (BE).
After an intensive study of the practice and methods for teaching it, Deen received his diploma from Michèle Stévanovitch.

Téléphone : +32 485 569 253
Courriel : edwin@artofchi.be
Site Internet : artofchi.be

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